Engineering & Construction Risk Institute is an international risk management consulting forum focused exclusively on the engineering and construction industry. ECRI provides forums for the professional exchange of ideas on a myriad of topics related to the management of risk in projects. The Institute's major objectives are:

Provide information and guidelines to the Engineering & Construction Industry to assist them to develop best practices for establishing, maintaining, and improving their Project Risk Management capabilities. In doing so, avoid project management and commercial practices which fail to recognize and adequately manage critical risks.

Work with clients (government and industry) to identify and analyze total project risks and the allocation of these risks among client, contractor, and others. In doing so, avoid both duplication of risk management effort and failure to recognize critical risks. Cooperate with clients and the insurance and bonding industries to improve the effectiveness of these project risk management tools.

Jon Nield joins ECRI as an Executive Advisor
December 2018 Houston Sponsors Meeting
June 2018 London Sponsors Meeting
John Lee joins ECRI as an Executive Advisor
December 2017 Washington Sponsors Meeting
September 2017 Training and Master Class


ECRI was formed and is sponsored by major global Engineering & Construction companies
ECRI Practices and Procedures are provided for Sponsors to facilitate better risk management on projects
ECRI Training Programs held for Sponsor Menbers offer instruction in Risk Management techniques
ECRI Sponsor Meetings are held in different locations for Sponsors to share management papers and Presentations
ECRI Risk Audits and Industry Outreach programs prove the latest trends and techniques used by our Sponsors
ECRI Special Interest Groups (SIG) Programme established in 2010 due to varied Industry Segments of Sponsors
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