Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Sponsor Services
ECRI Services include Sponsors access to Meetings, Presentations, Training, Standards, Processes and Best Practices

The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Best Practices and Procedures developed by our sponsor network to define a unified set of metric standards for measuring risk and other related performance indicators. The complete Library is available to to sponsor companies and the partner/supplier community as appropriate. ECRI Members may download complete copies of the files after logging in as Sponsors.

The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute has establish training and educational seminars to educate sponsor employees in the member companies with respect to Engineering & Construction Risk Management. The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute also provides regional Engineering and Construction Risk Courses to selected Academic Bodies and Sponsor Companies.

The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute invites member participation in Outreach Programs, Sponsor Meetings and Workshops attended by Sponsor Companies risk experts with the advantages of networking among the Engineering and Construction Industry's leading Risk Managers.

The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute provides review, audit and possible certification of risk management processes of Sponsors. The program benchmarks against peer group and Industry Best Practices for the purpose of expanding and rationalizing a Sponsors Risk Management processes.

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