ECRI Sponsor Meetings and Workshops

The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Sponsor Meetings and Industry Outreach

One of the primary benifits of Sponsorship in the Engineering & Construction Risk Institute is participation in the semi-annual Sponsor Meetings and Workshops attended by Sponsor Companies risk experts with the advantages of networking among the E&C Industry's leading Risk Managers. ECRI continues to strive for and seek Innovation in Risk Management through our Special Interest Groups, Sponsors Meetings, White Papers and Presentations. Sponsor meetings have yealded over 200 Sponsor Papers and Presentations from subject mater experts on Risk mamagement and Project Risk programs. Typical agendas for the two day meetings include ECRI status updates for Sponsors, Sponsor presentations, Special Interest Group breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

Semi-annual Sponsor Meetings
The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute conducts two Sponsor Meetings per year. These meetings are held in different countries and venues to get the maxamum global participation. Meetings thus far have been held in Abu Dhabi, Cape Town South Africa, Essen Germany, London England, Madrid Spain, Milan Italy, Montreal Canada, New York, Paris France, Singapore, Stockholm and Sydney Australia.

Regional Sponsors Meetings
The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute shall continue the practice of meeting with individual Sponsors and / or regional groupings of ECRI's Sponsors regarding specific and regional issues and desired future direction / strategy / work initiatives.

Client and Sponsors Outreach
The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute will continue with a basic strategy to expand ECRI Sponsorship in a "selective" rather than "proactive" mode to further broaden both geographical and industry sector / product line coverage by having outreach meetings with emphasis in the following areas:
  • Major Engineering & Construction Contractors not currently part of the Group
  • Emphasis on Far East / APAC Contractors to achieve a greater, and more balanced, geographic spread
  • Contractors involved in the buoyant Infrastructure / Development / Power and Government sectors
Client engagement will principally take place on a selective basis as an adjunct to the semi-annual Sponsor meetings. The basic objective remains to raise the profile of the work performed by ECRI and its Sponsors in the area of Project Risk Management, and through dialogue, endeavour to obtain a more optimal balance between risk and reward for the Engineering & Construction. Through participation in Client Outreach activities, Best Practices and our Education and Training Programme, ECRI continues to provide indirect influence of Clients by institutionalizing Risk awareness and Management among the Contracting Community.

Industry Outreach and Liaison
The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute maintains periodic contact and liaison with the World Economic Forum and Industry Bodies, Institutions, Associations, Academia to raise the profile of ECRI and its Sponsors. The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute participates, where appropriate, in the project risk management work being performed by these organizations. ECRI continues to review and analyse the work relevant products of such organizations and disseminate same to ECRI Sponsors. On a selective basis, ECRI invites such industry bodies and academia to attend the Day 2 proceedings of our semi-annual Sponsors Meetings. In addition to these instatutions, ECRI performs outreach to representatives from Legal, Bonding, Finance and Insurance Companies as Secondary Stakeholders.