Listing of ECRI Practices & Procedures

Below are reference examples and descriptions of ECRI Standard Documents
Complete Practices, Proceedures and Documents are available to Sponsors of ECRI


ECRI-RI-001 Index of ECRI Practices & Procedures
ECRI-RI-002 The 6 Project Phases
ECRI-RI-003 Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Vision Statement
ECRI-RI-004 Individual Sponsors Risk Management Vision
ECRI-RI-005 Most Important Risk Categories


ECRI-EP-001(DESC) Enterprise and Portfolio Risk Applicable to an Engineering & Construction Contractor
ECRI-EP-002(DESC) Bribery & Corruption
ECRI-EP-003(DESC) Enterprise Risk - mergers - acquisitions disposals
ECRI-EP-004(DESC) Is Risk management Working - What measures can be used
ECRI-EP-005(DESC) Cyber Security
ECRI-EP-006(DESC) Conflict Minerals
ECRI-EP-007(DESC) Reputation Risk
ECRI-EP-008(DESC) Recruitment and Retention of Key Project Personnel
ECRI-EP-009(DESC) Social Media Risk
ECRI-EP-010(DESC) Risk Management Organization
ECRI-EP-011(DESC) Portfolio Risk Analysis
ECRI-EP-012(DESC) People Mobility
ECRI-EP-013(DESC) Worker Welfare on Major E&C Projects


ECRI-TC-001(DESC) Contract Critical Issues
ECRI-TC-002(DESC) Contract Terms & Conditions Project Execution-Commercial
ECRI-TC-003(DESC) Contract Issues for Different Commercial Structures & Scopes of Services
ECRI-TC-004(DESC) Survey of Standard Form Contracts for the E&C Industry
ECRI-TC-005(DESC) Important Contract Issues
ECRI-TC-006(DESC) Inventory of Standard Form Contracts for the E&C Industry
ECRI-TC-007(DESC) Dispute Resolution
ECRI-TC-008(DESC) Challenging Contract Terms


ECRI-RQ-001(DESC) Glossary of Risk Quantification Terms
ECRI-RQ-002(DESC) Criteria for calculation of Risk Event Contingency
ECRI-RQ-003(DESC) Review of Project Risk Profile
ECRI-RQ-004(DESC) Risk Breakdown Structure.pdf
ECRI-RQ-005(DESC) ECRI Glossary of Terms
ECRI-RQ-006(DESC) Risk Management Maturity
ECRI-RQ-007(DESC) Establishing Components of Project Risk
ECRI-RQ-008(DESC) Decision Analysis


ECRI-PD-001(DESC) Project Development Best Practices
ECRI-PD-002(DESC) Inventory of Additonal Risks for Development-Financed Projects
ECRI-PD-003(DESC) Project Development Early Decision Screens
ECRI-PD-004(DESC) Integrated Risk and Value Management


ECRI-RF-001(DESC) Risk Financing Critical Issues - Insurance
ECRI-RF-002(DESC) Risk Financing Critical Issues - Bonding
ECRI-RF-003(DESC) Contractor-Owner Division of Risks and Insurance
ECRI-RF-004(DESC) Joint Venture Partner Division of Risk Financing


ECRI-RM-001(DESC) Criteria for a Risk Management Process
ECRI-RM-002(DESC) Criteria for Risk Management Questionnaire
ECRI-RM-003(DESC) Risk Management Planning
ECRI-RM-004(DESC) Tasks associated with a Risk Management Process
ECRI-RM-005(DESC) Risk Register Preparation and Recommendations
ECRI-RM-006(DESC) Contingency Drawdown.pdf
ECRI-RM-007(DESC) Novation - Assignment of Purchase Orders/Subcontracts
ECRI-RM-008(DESC) Improving Project Team Risk Awareness
ECRI-RM-009(DESC) Risk Management Tools
ECRI-RM-010(DESC) Integrated Risk & Quality Management
ECRI-RM-011(DESC) Implementation Challenges of Project Size
ECRI-RM-012(DESC) Projects in New Geographical Areas
ECRI-RM-013(DESC) Replicate Plants


ECRI-CM-001(DESC) Criteria for a Project Change Management Process
ECRI-CM-002(DESC) Inventory of Risks Associated with Change.
ECRI-CM-003(DESC) Change Definiton Table
ECRI-CM-004(DESC) Managing Secondary Impacts of Project Changes
ECRI-CM-005(DESC) Secondary Impacts of Project Changes
ECRI-CM-006(DESC) Claims Essential Issues


ECRI-JV-001(DESC) Joint Ventures Introduction and Definition of Execution Terms
ECRI-JV-002(DESC) Joint Venture Benefit and Gap Analysis
ECRI-JV-003(DESC) Joint Venture Formation Issues
ECRI-JV-004(DESC) Memorandum of Understanding Issues
ECRI-JV-005(DESC) Integrated Joint Venture Agreement (Project Specific Agreement) Issues
ECRI-JV-006(DESC) Joint Venture Project Execution


ECRI-RA-001(DESC) Outline for Audit of a Firms Risk Management Process
ECRI-RA-002(DESC) Project Risk Status Dashboard


ECRI-PE-001(DESC) A Structured Approach to Post Mortems, Project Close Out, and Lessons Learned
ECRI-PE-002(DESC) Multi-Office Execution
ECRI-PE-003(DESC) Gate Reviews
ECRI-PE-004(DESC) Precomm thru to Ben Operation
ECRI-PE-005(DESC) Project Interfaces
ECRI-PE-006(DESC) Capture of Lessons Learned
ECRI-PE-007(DESC) Supply Chain Management/Material Control
ECRI-PE-008(DESC) Modular Construction-Onshore Projects
ECRI-PE-009(DESC) Subcontract Management ECRI-PE-010(DESC) Key Performance Indicators
ECRI-PE-011(DESC) Client Expectations Surveys
ECRI-PE-012(DESC) Document Management
ECRI-PE-013(DESC) Team Building
ECRI-PE-014(DESC) Front End Planning
ECRI-PE-015(DESC) Offshore Modular Projects
ECRI-PE-016(DESC) Field Material Management
ECRI-PE-017(DESC) Managing Subcontractors HSE Performance
ECRI-PE-018(DESC) Project Execution on Brownfield Sites
ECRI-PE-019(DESC) Enhancing Subcontractor Performance
ECRI-PE-020(DESC) Enhancing Project Team Performance
ECRI-PE-021(DESC) Managing Multi-Cultural Workforces on Major E&C Projects
ECRI-PE-022(DESC) Communication on Mega Projects
ECRI-PE-023(DESC) Long Term Operations and Maintenance
ECRI-PE-024(DESC) Risks on Construction only Contracts


ECRI-TE-001(DESC) Technology Risk

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