Engineering & Construction Risk University Programs
Links provided here have additional studies and programs concerning Risk Management from Academia
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Coventry University Project and Risk Management BA Degree
By choosing this course you will be covering a broad range of topics,from how to respond to and manage stakeholder and market needs to the principles and practices of project and risk management in an organisational context. You should also be able to develop theskills and knowledge that will help prepare you to gain professional qualifications

De Montfort University Leicester, UK - Risk Management MSc
Risk management has developed over the last 20 years both as an academic discipline and profession. It is relevant to all aspects of industry, commerce, consultancy and the public sector and is of importance to those with a variety of career aspirations or backgrounds, such as accountants, project managers, safety professionals, and engineers.

Glasgow Caledonian University Risk Management
Glasgow Caledonian University Risk Management has been the industry standard for over a decade being based upon expertise from a department that offers the only undergraduate risk management programme in the UK

Imperial College London
MSc Risk Management & Financial Engineering - Gain a thorough and hands-on understanding of risk management. Learn from leading practitioners and world class faculty how to put the latest academic thinking and business strategies into practice

Stanford University Advanced Project Management
Teams often wait until risks begin to generate unfavorable outcomes and then they have to react quickly to address these risks "just-in-time". Rarely is this an effective strategy. A better approach is to utilize tools and techniques for tracking and mitigating the broad range of risks and uncertainty inherent in the management of complex projects.

The University of Sydney Project Risk Management
Risk can be conceptualised as the probability of internal and external events that threaten the effective and efficient delivery of projects. Risk management within the life cycle of project management should be viewed as an integral part of project planning, initiation, execution, control and monitoring so that we can begin to develop realistic budget and time estimates for project completion

Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center
The Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is seeking applicants for one postdoctoral fellowship position in decision making, risk management and/or insurance as applied to flood risk and resilience.

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