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The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute welcomes Techint E&C as new Sponsor

ECRI New Sponsor Announcement

I am pleased to advise that Techint Engineering & Construction will be joining us at ECRI. As a major unit of the $ 25 Billion Techint Group and operating across five geographic regions, Techint E&C provides full-scope engineering, procurement, construction, operations and management services to market segments in the fields of Oil & Gas, Pipelines, Power / Energy, Petroleum & Chemicals, Mining & Minerals and Civil / Infrastructure.

With headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and employing around 22,000 people, during its 65 years existence, Techint E&C has completed more than 3,500 large-scale Projects in 45 countries including 70,000 km. of Pipelines, more than 400 Process Plants, 20,000 km. of Power Lines and installed more than 74,000 MW of Power Generation capacity.

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Techint E&C's Sponsors Representative for ECRI will be Pablo Checchi - Head of Corporate Risk Management. Pablo's e-mail address is and he is based at Corporate Headquarters in Buenos Aires.

The accession of Techint E&C to our Group at ECRI is consistent with our strategy to pro-actively attract significant E&C Contractors to our organisation, together with the maintenance of both geographic and product line diversity. It also adds a major Latin American E&C company to our Group with substantial exposure to both Engineering and Construction throughout the LA region as well as Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Roderick A. Kyle
Engineering & Construction Risk Institute
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