ECRI Special Interest Groups Programme
The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Special Interest Groups Programme

Special Interest Groups (SIG) Programme was established in 2010 due to very varied Industry Segments & Project Delivery structures of the ECRI Sponsors.

There are currently four areas of specific interest being addressed under the SIG program:

    Mega Projects (15 semi-annual meetings to-date) The most recent mmeeting was convened at KBR’s offices in Houston on 4th. October with representatives from 8 Sponsor companies in attendance. Key topics discussed were: Impact on Mega Project Market with $45/bbl oil; Enterprise Risks: What are the most significant; Trends in contract terms resulting in elevated risk profile; Continuing challenges with expedited / limited FEEDs; Emerging Trends: Definition of Project Completion; Political Landscape and Risks; Issues with “Replicate” Projects especially upscaling. The next meeting will be convened in May 2017 at location / date TBD.

  • Development, Civil, Power, Buildings and Infrastructure (13 semi-annual meetings to-date) The next meeting will take place 2nd. December in Amsterdam.

  • Offshore Oil & Gas (3 meetings to-date) Started in 2014 with last mtg. in June ’16 with next meeting scheduled 2nd. December in Amsterdam.

  • Worker Welfare This is a new SIG established by Sponsor demand after presentations at the June ’15 Sponsors Mtg. in London. The last meeting was convened in June ’16 with next meeting scheduled 2nd. December in Amsterdam.

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