ECRI Risk Courses and Master Classes

The Engineering & Construction Risk Institute Education and Training Programme

Since being rolled out at the end of 2009, ECRI's Education and Training Programme has been successfully implemented in Abu Dhabi, London, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Austin, Tx., New York, Houston, Mumbai and Sydney, Australia. Over 2700 Sponsor's personnel have attended the ECRI Risk Course to date and classes have been held in Europe, the Americas, South Africa, India and the Far East. Starting out as separate Induction and Advanced Courses, the programme has evolved into a single E&C Risk Course plus Master Class concept in specialist risk-related subjects.

ECRI Course has some distinctive characteristics:

  • Only available to ECRI Sponsor personnel
  • It is completely Engineering & Construction focused
  • Practical rather than Theoretical
  • Linked to the Six Phases of project Implementation as defined by ECRI
  • Offered in conjunction with world-class Academic institutions at geographic locations to suit our Sponsors
  • Taught by E&C Professionals from ECRI and current Practitioners from Sponsors with Academic involvement
  • Linkage to Sponsors HR / Personnel Development Programmes
  • Future Certification and Accreditation planned

Collaborative arrangements for the Programme have now been put into place with Imperial College, London for Europe and Stellenbosch University for South Africa with other prospective academic alliances under discussion for the Americas and Far East regions.

The ECRI Course objective is to impart knowledge in the area of Risk Awareness and Management in the Engineering and Construction Industry. As such, it is not specifically aimed at practicing risk professionals but is suitable for all E&C Contractor disciplines with emphasis on new hires and high potentials with emphasis on younger personnel

Upon request and as a function of time availability, Company-specific Engineering and Construction Risk Courses will be given at Sponsor offices.

ECRI is continuing to develop and implement the Master Class concept and offering with the objective of providing risk-related specialist knowledge transfer and instruction in the following subjects :
  • Probability Theory
  • Modeling Techniques for Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Roles of Insurance and Bonding in the global E&C Industry as Risk Mitigation Tools
  • Technology Risk
  • Enterprise Risk
  • Alliancing
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Dispute Resolution
All courses include delegate feedback as part of Course analysis and development so we may continue to provide relevant information.
We continue to establish appropriate administrative and communication channels with both the selected Academic Bodies and Sponsor Companies in each geographic location.

ECRI Risk Induction Course, Bovis Lend Lease, Sydney
"It was great to have the ECRI Risk Induction Course in Sydney last week. Bovis Lend Lease is very appreciative of the support and leadership that yourself and the ECRI organisation has shown in the development of world class risk management processes. We received terrific feedback on the Risk Induction course that ECRI kindly travelled to Australia to present to us. The level of skill and experience in dealing with many issues in the EPC world was clearly evident throughout the two days that you were with us."
Andrew Council, Head of Commercial & Risk - Project Management, Design & Construction, Lend Lease