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Stuart E. Graham, Jr., ECRI’S Founding CEO Has Passed Away

It is with sadness that ECRI learned of Stuart E. Graham Jr.’s recent passing. Stu was the transformative CEO of Skanska from 2002, then Chairman from 2012 to 2016. While serving as chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Engineering and Construction Governors Council he was instrumental in the founding of the Engineering and Construction Risk Institute (ECRI) in 2005 and in the institute’s early years of operations, indeed Stu was ECRI’s first Chairman. Appropriately, he is the only CEO listed as one of ECRI’s founding Directors in its Articles of Incorporation, reflective of the passion, priority and resources he devoted to effective risk management in the E&C Industry.

Jon Nield, CEO of ECRI, said of Stuart Graham, “in addition to the huge energy he invested in improving the conditions for E&C business, he has given us a lasting legacy in the form of his little red book – The Three Deadly Sins: Three conditions you need to avoid to be successful in construction – and this still forms a key part of ECRI’s E&C risk management education and training program.”

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